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For heavy duty appli ions tropical hardwood lumber in such species as Purpleheart Greenheart Angelim Pedra Tatajuba and Keruing / Genuine Apitong offer the best durability and life expectancy. With a Janka Side Hardness as much as two times that of White Oak these tropical hardwoods will perform in the toughest conditions.【Get Price】

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KAYU Apitong Keruing is the most popular tough and economical hardwood used to make long lasting durable and aesthetically pleasing trailer decks. Our customers in the transportation industry use KAYU Apitong Keruing to build everything from semi-truck trailer decks Horse trailer flooring to custom design trailers.【Get Price】

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The material typically grows in South East Asian countries of Myanmar Cambodia Laos Thailand Vietnam Malaysia Philippines and Bangladesh. General Description The sapwood is a pale reddish gray to buff in color and is very distinct from the reddish-brown to dark reddish brown heartwood.【Get Price】

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Kayu is a Trailer Decking and Truck Deck Specialist featuring Apitong Keruing Hardwoods 00% legally logged serving U.S. over 30 Years. Call 888 558-5298【Get Price】

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Apitong is a medium size to large resinous tree growing to a height of about 40 meters. Trunk is straight cylindrical branchless up to 30 meters up to 25 centimeters in diameter. Buttresses are absent or few up to .5 meters high and meter long.【Get Price】

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Benefits of Using Keruing – Apitong Wood. Contact Kayu International for the Best Truck and Trailer Decking. Looking to purchase Keruing / Apitong Hard Wood? Kayu International is all about buying quality lumber dependable service and affordable prices. If you are looking to replace your Truck or Trailer decking.【Get Price】

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A: “Apitong” has its origin as the local Philippine name used to reference the genus dipterocarpus. While this genus includes over 70 species in the trucking industry the term most frequently is used interchangeably for the single medium hardwood species D. grandiflorus also called keruing.【Get Price】

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Common Uses: Furniture flooring trailer decks and utility lumber. Comments: Keuiring is made up of numerous closely related species in the Dipterocarpus genus most of which are now critically endangered and a good amount of variability in color weight and working properties is normal. The wood is also sold under the name Apitong or ...【Get Price】

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