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Handrail 4” sphere cannot pass between balusters under the bottom of the rail or between stairs at risers. 36” min stair width Handrail Guardrail—36” height where deck floor exceeds 30” above grade. 6” min Handrail cross-section 36” landing 0” min. run from nosing to nosing 7 3/4” max. rise【Get Price】

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Some baluster tips may need to be raised up to the handrail to get an accurate mark. Keep the tip plumb. D 5. Remove the handrail from the stair. 6. Remove all the steel baluster jigs. 7. Remove all the baluster spacing tools. 8. Place steel baluster tips on the primary balusters. E 9. Place the handrail back on to the stair with the ...【Get Price】

- "handrail" is the rail a single rail which runs down the side of the stair which you grab with your hand to keep from falling A "handrail" may be independent of a guardrail such as mounted to a side wall of the stairway or as the top rail of a guardrail on an open side of a stairway.【Get Price】

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Baluster Spacing Balusters the vertical guards that support the handrail must be installed close enough that the space between them is no greater than 4 inches. Most city inspectors carry a 4 ...【Get Price】

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post spacing and joist length. 3. Post attachments must be in accordance with Figure except expansion anchors are also permitted ± and any instructions from the manufacturer of the anchor must be followed. Adhesive anchors may also be used. 4. Post anchors must include a −inch−minimum base plate. Steel plates are not required.【Get Price】

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CA: The handrail attachment is a defect. The handrail should have attachment devices to transfer to the structural wall a concentrated load of CA: 0.9 kN applied at any point in any direction. The attachment points should not be spaced more than .2 m apart. The first attachment point should be no more than 300 mm from the end of the handrail.【Get Price】

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Our page top photo shows an unsafe stair-top guardrail: it is too low about 24" and the baluster spacing is too wide more than 4" . The strength of the connections of the guardrail to the structure may also be inadequate.【Get Price】

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The size style detailing and lo ion of a porch can tell volumes about the age and use of a building. Each component from handrail or baluster to column or post enhances the architectural character of the porch. Alter or remove the porch and a historic building or streetscape can lose its visual integrity and historic authenticity Figure .【Get Price】