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PVC Weatherboards Vs Timber Weatherboards: Best Type of Cladding?
Pros of PVC Vinyl Cladding PVC weatherboards can make a building look more modern. Vinyl cladding is more fitting with contemporary home designs so if you’re hoping to finish off your home with a modern exterior vinyl cladding is the way to go. PVC can look much sleeker and more modern than timber which is usually preferred by those ...【Get Price】

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PVC Plastic Cladding. Introduction. Why clad your house? Cladding can serve to cure practical issues with the structure of a house or a commercial building it can be used to simply cover and decorate old walls or it can be used to cure issues such as damp or overheating in summer with either the use of a light colour to reflect heat or in a combination of cladding and insulation.【Get Price】

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We sell everything from hygienic PVC cladding to plastic roofline products and polycarbonate roofing. In fact we sell all the plastic building supplies you need to look after and improve a property. The added beauty of our products is that they look great in any setting provide robust resistance to the elements and deliver long-lasting solutions.【Get Price】

External PVC Cladding Shiplap and V Joint Plastic Cladding 5M
Our external PVC Cladding is a popular versatile and maintenance free option for covering external elevations. It comes in a variety of colours and cladding panels can be fixed horizontally vertically or even diagonally should the design require.【Get Price】