disadvantages of wood as an energy source

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Multi-functional energy sources. Disadvantages. Over-exploitation of forests has serious environmental effects such as deforestation destruction of ecosystems and animal habitats accelerated soil erosion among others. Air pollution occurs from burning of the energy sources. Use can destroy forests or homes through accidental fires.【Get Price】

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Wood is more expensive to convert to heat than other sources like coal or oil due to its low relative heat content. These are a few disadvantages of using wood for energy production Is wood a ...【Get Price】

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Biomass energy has become a part of the renewable energy sources that will replace fossil fuels in the future due to the fact that different types of waste materials wood-based and organic are available almost all the time not to mention the trash that is produced in large quantities every day all over the planet .【Get Price】

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Wood chip fuel varies by size moisture content and energy content. Standard un-dried or “green” fuel contains 30 to 55% water which slows combustion. Equipment to dry wood chips and improve efficiency is very expensive. Note: dry wood is highly flammable and requires a sophisti ed boiler system.【Get Price】

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While this does take some work even something as simple as burning wood instead of using a central heating system can save money and have a more beneficial effect on the environment. The Disadvantages. While the advantages of biomass are numerous it is not a perfect energy source. As with all sources the disadvantages must also be considered.【Get Price】

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On the down side bioenergy: is generally a more expensive energy source compared to fossil fuels because it requires more fuel to produce the same amount of energy; 3; uses a lot of wood from natural forests which can lead to deforestation and if wood is not fully burnt it can release soot-like particles that may cause widespread air pollution; 4【Get Price】

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Burning wood for electricity is only 25 percent efficient. Matera also believes that district heating systems such as the one Brattleboro Thermal Utility is exploring is not a solution to the country& 39;s energy needs especially when it comes to global climate change. The claim that burning wood is "carbon neutral" is "total nonsense" said Matera.【Get Price】

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