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Topsy Turvy: Titular and essential part of the OTK combo. Turns a health buffed minion into lethal damage. Turns a health buffed minion into lethal damage. Stormwind Knight is a guaranteed target but with all the health buffs almost any minion that survives is dangerous.【Get Price】

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Topsy Turvy is a very powerful combo deck that follows in the footsteps of Divine Spirit and Inner Fire Combo Priest. The deck aims to assemble a very specific combination of cards that includes Radiant Elemental Topsy Turvy Divine Spirit Vivid Nightmare and Test Subject. The selection of cards when played together can keep dupli ing Test ...【Get Price】 : As Seen On TV Topsy Turvy Upside-Down Tomato ...
Topsy-Turvy Planter makes it easy to grow tomatoes and vegetables because it eliminates the need for a backyard garden plot stakes or cages weeding soil prep hole digging cut worms and in-ground insects Saves your back and knees too Hang it from a hook on a deck or balcony and you& 39;ll work standing up.【Get Price】

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Lol IMO i feel that Shadowreaper Anduin is a great card in this deck You basically get a power word: Death on all cards and it bypasses cards like tyrantus. the hero power also gives great board control. Lol you can also use your other topsy turvy to make a high hp minion into a high atk minion and kill it. it also is good against even warlock【Get Price】

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The weather has been just glorious here and I found some time to finish potting up my topsy turvy buckets on the deck this weekend. The one in the photo above sat on our front porch all summer long and I asked Leo to bring it around to the deck on the back of the house for fall.【Get Price】

Topsy-turvy Queens Solitaire
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Combo Priest deck that wants to abuse Test Subject.Playing Divine Spirit and Vivid Nightmare on him with double Radiant Elemental on board and then killing him with Topsy Turvy generating a copy of each of those spells and an extra Test Subject on board for mana until you have enough Divine Spirits to turn a Stonetusk Boar into a /32 cast Topsy Turvy on him and kill the opponent.【Get Price】

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Ever wanted to kill your opponent with a 256 Damage Stonetusk Boar? This "Pig Priest" deck from Dog is definitely for you. Decklist:【Get Price】

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Use Radiant Elemental Test Subject Embalming Ritual Topsy Turvy combo to kill your opponent. You may expect 40 damage with hero power at normal animation speed. You may expect 40 damage with hero power at normal animation speed.【Get Price】