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A sandwich panel is a composite panel that uses stiff and strong skins face sheets bonded to a lightweight core. Common skin materials are carbon fiber and fiberglass. Common core materials are foam and aluminum or aramid honeycomb.【Get Price】

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Finally the needed shape is cut from composite panel just as it would be from the plywood panel. A variation of composite construction often referred to as a "one-off construction" is to build the part using rigid sheets of foam or balsa core material and then laminate reinforcing fabric to the shaped core.【Get Price】

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Foam core composite panels are made of high-quality 0/90 degree 2 ounce knitted-fiberglass faced skins with peel ply surface. Used to fabri e any interior or exterior lightweight parts.【Get Price】

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Core materials are a great way to stiffen a composite structure without adding a lot of weight. We stock Divinycell PVC foam balsa core coremat and marine grade plywoods for use in composite construction.【Get Price】

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Products Core Materials Divinycell Foam For more than 30 years Divinycell has been the first choice of leading producers of sandwich composite structures around the world. During this time the properties of Divinycell foams have been continuously enhanced and improved so that it continues to be ideal for the vast majority of sandwich composite ...【Get Price】