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5 Ways to Use Your Deck In The Winter
As winter months make each day a little shorter giving your deck new sources of light can be a practical and cheery way of exploring winter deck decorating ideas. For instance string lights can be stretched across an awning while low-level lights can be placed on railings.【Get Price】

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To protect your deck this winter simply sweep up and dispose of any loose debris and store any furniture or pot plants under your deck or in the garage. Remove any mould or mildew If your deck is housing mould and mildew now’s the time to treat it before it causes any deeper damage.【Get Price】

Preparing and Protecting Your Deck for Winter
Of all the ways to properly protect and prepare your deck for winter there’s one you should never fail to overlook –sealing and finishing. Sealing or staining your deck is one of those upkeep items that should be done at least every 2-3 years to protect your deck’s lumber from rain snow and ice.【Get Price】

How to Protect Composite Decking from Winter Damage Today& 39;s ...
. Protect Your Deck Before a Storm. Prepare for a storm long before a frosty forecast — remove any dirt or mildew on your composite deck clearing away buildup that might result in mold or stains. Next sweep away leaves and debris scrub any grime and scrape rust with a toilet brush until it’s gone. Once you’ve cleaned your composite ...【Get Price】

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One simple strategy for protecting your deck during the winter is to cover it with a non-porous heavy tarp — preferably the type of tarp that is used to cover and protect a pool in the winter. A tarp will prevent moisture and snow from seeping into the wood and reduce the possibility of warping over time.【Get Price】

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Furthermore if your deck is coated in ice you can use the same scraper you would use on your car windshield. Protecting Wooden Decks During Winter. If you own a wooden deck chances are you’re accustomed to the more involved maintenance requirements. Depending on your specific wooden deck it may be susceptible to moisture damage.【Get Price】

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After cleaning it& 39;s important to apply a water-repellent finish to protect your deck against the damaging effects of winter. Moisture such as ice snow sleet and rain can penetrate an unprotected surface which can cause splitting cracking and warping.【Get Price】

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How to protect your deck in the winter when shoveling is to make sure you use a plastic shovel with no sharp edges. Inspect the shovel for sharp edges or burrs before using and you can get your exercise and shovel away. De-Icing Your Deck. After shoveling your deck you may have a layer of ice to deal with.【Get Price】