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Pool deck : Here’s the debate on what type of pool deck you should choose. The debate is between concrete which includes some of the following : Kool Deck Sun Dek stamped concrete stained concrete etc; and pavers which can be man made like Pavestone Belgard or even travertine. Let’s first discuss a concrete pool …【Get Price】

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Filled travertine could be a solution since the cavities are pre-filled with grout or epoxy but the cost-aesthetics balance may not be desirable. 2. Travertine is water absorbent and susceptible to temperature-related damage. In most pool areas travertine is exposed to water through the pool itself and natural weather events like rain sleet ...【Get Price】

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With travertine you get a level of absorbency that increases the slip resistance of the pool deck surface and keeps the temperatures down. Many Travertine Color and Texture Choices With a wide range of natural colors tones textures and travertine paver pool deck patterns to choose from; every travertine pool deck is unique.【Get Price】

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When you look at the overall pros and cons of travertine pavers the results are generally positive unless you have weak soil structures or have budget restrictions that you must manage. Consider the needs of your porch patio or pool deck today to see if this natural material could be the perfect solution.【Get Price】

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travertine patios and saltwater pools is travertine the right choice around a salt-water pool? There are some recent updates which involve natural stone patios near salt-water pools. We have had several requests for the UNIQUE Warranty Department to inspect premature decay which is occurring in Travertine patios.【Get Price】

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Travertine is also becoming a popular choice for pool patios and is replacing river rock. While tumbled travertine is very slip-resistant polished travertine or travertine tiles can be slippery when it gets wet and a non-slip treatment should be applied to these types.【Get Price】

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The pros and cons of a travertine pool deck depend on your available budget and how you intend to care for the surface. You might spend a little more for this material but with correct care it can last for several years with little maintenance.【Get Price】