how to anchor lumber in existing concrete

5 Options For Bolting To Concrete
5. Concrete Drop-In Anchors. A concrete drop-in anchor is a steel expansion sheath that is tapered at the bottom and has a cone-shaped expander plug. To install them a hole is drilled and the anchor is driven into the hole until it is flush with the concrete. Then a special setting tool is used to expand the anchor.【Get Price】

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How to Choose and Use Concrete Fasteners Masonry Screws
These anchors in the large 3/8-in. to /2-in. dia. versions are perfect for anchoring heavy weight-bearing framing members such as deck ledger boards. Best uses: Concrete and concrete block. How to Use: Drill right through the wood and into the concrete with a masonry bit and hammer drill.【Get Price】

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Purchase wedge anchors. You can buy wedge anchors online or at a hardware store. Other anchors can work with concrete and brick but wedge anchors are a good all-around anchor that you can use on light or heavy materials. Purchase anchors that penetrate into the concrete at least one inch 2.54 cm .【Get Price】

How to Fasten Anything to Concrete
Hammer-set anchors are perfect for attaching metal electrical boxes wood furring strips conduit and shelf brackets to concrete block and brick. Keep in mind that they are not removable. 3 of 5【Get Price】

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After you ensure the post anchors are locked into position you could proceed to installing the wooden posts. Consequently in order to anchor a post to concrete you need to paint its bottom section with wood primer as to make sure it will resist against moisture.【Get Price】

Best Practices for Attaching Wood to Concrete Concrete Decor
Concrete is not the easiest material to work with especially if you& 39;re trying to build a structure like a house that involves the use of both concrete and wood products. Fortunately there are many ways to make the transition from concrete floors and wall frames to wood floors and drywall. Most masonry contractors have their favorites but the newer members of the crew might not. The ...【Get Price】

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Connecting wood to concrete can seem intimidating but with the right tools even an amateur craftsman can do it. You can fasten wood to concrete using 3 different methods depending on your preference. Hammer-set concrete fasteners concrete screws and mortar nails are all effective ways to connect wood to concrete.【Get Price】

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How to Attach a Wood Post to Concrete Today& 39;s Homeowner
It’s a lead anchor basically a threaded sleeve that you use a hammer drill and a sharp masonry bit to drill down into the concrete you tap this in place. Then when you attach the bracket with your screws or bolts it expands that lead anchor just a little bit and that’s where all of the strength comes in.【Get Price】