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Dividing fences and retaining walls – who& 39;s responsible for ...
This article covers a key New South Wales legislation called the Dividing Fences Act and what it means for property owners in strata managed properties. While there are similar laws in other states there are important differences.【Get Price】

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The Dividing Fences Act 99 . When you’re building a new fence the first thing you need to do is contact your local council. Make sure you have council approval for your new structure and check for local legislation about fencing requirements. Once this is done it’s time to talk to your neighbours.【Get Price】

Dividing Fences Act 99 No 72 - NSW legislation
The Dividing Fences Act 95 continues to operate in respect of any matter pending as a result of a notice served under that Act an order made under section of that Act or work completed under section 4 2 b of that Act as if that Act had not been repealed by this Act.【Get Price】

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Dividing Fences Act 99 . Swimming Pools Act 992. Western Lands Act 90 . The Dividing Fences Act 99 applies where a landowner wants an adjoining owner to contribute to the costs of constructing replacing repairing or maintaining a dividing fence. It covers issues such as cost-sharing lo ion and the standard of dividing fences and sets ...【Get Price】

Dividing Fences Act 99 - NSW legislation
New South Wales Dividing Fences Act 99 No 72 Current version valid from . .20 5 to date generated on 6.0 .20 5 at 4:35 Part Preliminary Name of Act 2 2 Commencement 2 3 Definitions 2 4 Determination as to “sufficient dividing fence” 2 5 Adjoining owners—land separated by road or watercourse 3 Part 2 Liability for fencing work【Get Price】

DIVIDING FENCES ACT 99 - As at July 20 8 - Act 72 of 99
DIVIDING FENCES ACT 99 - As at July 20 8 - Act 72 of 99 TABLE OF PROVISIONS Long Title PART - PRELIMINARY . Name of Act 2. Commencement 3. Definitions 4. Determination as to "sufficient dividing fence" 5. Adjoining owners--land separated by road or watercourse PART 2 - LIABILITY FOR FENCING WORK 6.【Get Price】

Dividing Fences and Retaining Walls – Who’s Responsible ...
Differing opinions often arise over the maintenance of the fence where the boundary lies encroachment of tree branches and bushes and fences and retaining walls. This article refers to the New South Wales legislation Dividing Fences Act .【Get Price】

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Under the Dividing Fences Act 99 a Crown Land Manager CLM is liable to pay half of the reasonable costs associated with the repair or replacement of a dividing fence. Where a CLM can prove that the land under its management is a public reserve or public park the CLM may be exempt from paying these costs.【Get Price】