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How hot does composite decking get? Deck Masters LLC
A common question that comes up is whether or not composite gets too hot in the summer to walk barefoot on. I have come across many customers who told me other contractors told them that it gets too hot these are usually contractors who prefer a different type of decking of course.【Get Price】

4 Ways to Keep Your Deck Cool During the Hot Summer ...
Unfortunately the sun’s scorching rays can also make some backyard decks and patios unbearably hot. To keep your deck cool and your guests comfortable all summer long here are a few ways to cool down your outdoor flooring and make your backyard deck the ultimate paradise for all. How to Keep Your Deck Cool During the Summer .【Get Price】

What can I put on my wooden pool deck to minimize the hot ...
It& 39;s going to be too hot. I use indoor outdoor carpet that& 39;s acrylic and dries in mins after the rain. Indoor outdoor rug are cheap. $80 for a 9 x 2 and you can get runners too for paths. They make very pretty ones too. I got a close out 9x 2 for $ 5. And you can cut it w a scizzors..just look for deals.【Get Price】

How to prevent pool decking from getting hot
Providing Shade Will Keep Your Pool Deck Cool When dealing with hot pool decking a low-cost alternative is to create a way to shade part or all of the deck area. There are plenty of cost-effective simple ways to do this. The most basic way to create a shaded area to prevent hot pool decking is to invest in large patio umbrellas.【Get Price】

Wood Decking Options That Stay Cool In The Summer Heat ...
There’s a reason why Redwood is California’s predominant decking material. It is low-maintenance very durable and doesn’t get too hot in the West Coast sunshine. Even if you aren’t in California Redwood decking is a great choice that will turn your deck into a statement piece.【Get Price】