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The thermal conductivity of wood is relatively low because of the porosity of timber. Thermal conductivity declines as the density of the wood decreases. In the direction of the grain the thermal conductivity of wood is about twice what it is perpendicular to the grain. For example the thermal conductivity of pine in the direction of the grain is 0.22 W/moC and perpendicular to the grain 0 ...【Get Price】

Thermal Conductivity of wood
the use of wood in connection with refrigeration and in many other fields where the resistance of wood to heat transfer is a major consid­ eration. This information is also of interest for comparing the thermal insulating properties of the differ­ ent species of woods and for com­ paring wood with other insulating【Get Price】

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The volumetric thermal expansion coefficient is the most basic thermal expansion coefficient and the most relevant for fluids. In general substances expand or contract when their temperature changes with expansion or contraction occurring in all directions. Substances that expand at the same rate in every direction are called isotropic. For ...【Get Price】

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Coefficient of Friction 3–22 Nuclear Radiation 3–23 References 3–23 he versatility of wood is demonstrated by a wide variety of products. This variety is a result of a spectrum of desirable physical characteristics or properties among the many species of wood. In many cases more than one property of wood is important to the end product.【Get Price】

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The average coefficient of linear thermal expansion is about 3.4 x 0-6 inch/inch per degree F for a plywood panel with 60 percent of the plies or less running perpendicular to the face. The coefficient of thermal expansion for panel thickness is approximately 6 x 0-6 inch/inch per degree F.【Get Price】

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Table Measured values of the thermal expansion coefficients of different wood species according to previous studies Full size table Early studies were performed by Villari that measured the coefficient of thermal expansion α of several species silver fir chestnut poplar pine walnut etc. in transversal α trasv and ...【Get Price】

constitutes a major portion of green wood. Depending on the species and type of wood the moisture content of living wood ranges from approxi­ mately 30 percent to more than 250 percent two-and-a-half times the weight of the solid wood material . In most species the moisture content of the sapwood is higher than that of the heartwood Table ...【Get Price】