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Thus making this a perfect name for a unique home as well as one built in the presence of a Yew Tree. The Old Vicarage ; Another version of The Old Rectory and if your home used to be a vicarage then this is the perfect name. Oaklands; Giving the impression that your home is built amongst a land filled with oak trees.【Get Price】

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Terrace cultivation method of growing crops on sides of hills or mountains by planting on graduated terraces built into the slope. Though labor-intensive the method has been employed effectively to maximize arable land area in variable terrains and to reduce soil erosion and water loss.【Get Price】

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a row of houses built in a similar style and having common dividing walls or the street on which they face 3. a level shelf of land interrupting a declivity with steep slopes above and below 4. make into terraces as for cultivation 5. provide a house with a terrace【Get Price】

Conservation Practice Standard 600 Terrace
tolerance T . Include both the terrace system with planned as-built slopes and cultural practices such as residue management when determining soil loss. The slope length used when checking soil loss for a proposed terrace spacing is the distance from the terrace ridge to the next lower terrace channel measured along the natural flow direction.【Get Price】

Terraced houses in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia
Terraced houses have been popular in the United Kingdom particularly England and Wales since the 7th century. They were originally built as desirable properties such as the townhouses for the nobility around Regent& 39;s Park in central London and the Georgian architecture in Bath.【Get Price】

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