vitex timber vs termites

Best Decking Timber Auckland Dysart ITM
Vitex Decking – Durable and Easy to Use. Vitex decking has become more and more popular in Auckland over the last few years largely because it is easy to work with and quite durable. With colours ranging from golden brown to pale yellow this is an aesthetically pleasing timber. Pros and Cons of Vitex Decking. Vitex decking has a number of ...【Get Price】

Wood Fence vs. Vinyl Fence: Pros and Cons - Fence Supply Online
Modern vinyl is durable. It will not rot and does not suffer from termites. There is not any need to stain and seal a vinyl fence like you do a wooden one. A good clean with the power washer is usually enough for the annual maintenance. Wood ages beautifully. You cannot beat how a well-maintained wooden fence looks after a few years.【Get Price】

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Termite damage vs fungal decay or wood rot. How to tell the ...
The corking effect is made by termites transporting the consumed cellulose products mixed with the termites gut protozoa which removes the cellulose from the timber being consumed. Termites transfer food between themselves and back to the nest by regurgitating it and by defe ion yuck and wherever the food makes contact with the timber ...【Get Price】

Vitex Guidelines - PlaceMakers
Vitex decking should be kept dry and out of the weather until installation. On site each pack should be kept off the ground by at least 00mm by placing it on bearers and covered to protect from sun and rain. 3. Installation Ventilation Free air circulation under the decking is very important to help minimise cupping and warping for any timber ...【Get Price】

Termites v Borers – What& 39;s the difference?
Termites and borers both damage structural timber and wood items in homes but they are very different beasts. It takes some skill to detect their presence and identify which pest is causing the problem. Certainly a professional timber pest inspection is the way to go but it’s worth homeowners knowing a thing or two【Get Price】

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Termites can damage a building’s durability and cost thousands of dollars in repairs. In fact the annual estimated expense for termite damage and control measures in the U.S. is $5 billion . Termite protection for wood-frame construction is challenging and requires a qualified professional and specialized equipment.【Get Price】

Termite Prevention: What Wood Will Termites Not Eat?
This wood is darker denser and less permeable than the surrounding timber. Therefore it is naturally less attractive to termites. To deter the pests homeowners can obtain heartwood-grade lumber for construction projects. Termites also tend to avoid specific species of trees such as redwoods yellow cedar Laotian teak and cypress.【Get Price】