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The difference between a brand new concrete surface and one that has cracked and faded after years of exposure to weather is dramatic. Cracks can develop due to moisture-deficient concrete or land settling and spalling flaking or peeling of the surface develops when the original concrete mixture had too much water when it was poured and finished.【Get Price】

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Tom Silva replies: Spalling the pits that form in concrete happen when too much water is used in a concrete mix weakening it. As long as your walkway isn& 39;t cracked all the way through you can coat the slab with a concrete resurfacer a no-shrink blend of Portland cement sand and polymer additives that fills divots and makes a uniform finish.【Get Price】

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How to Resurface a Cracked and Sunken Concrete Porch. All buildings are subject to eventual settling into the earth as gravity takes its toll and concrete porches are no exception. Eventually ...【Get Price】

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Start at one end of your concrete slab and work your way toward the other end. Lift your bucket and pour all of the mixed resurfacer onto your concrete in a strip that’s foot 0.30 m wide by 6–8 feet .8–2.4 m long. Keep the resurfacer at least 2 feet 0.6 m away from the edge of the concrete slab so it doesn’t ooze off.【Get Price】

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Pour the resurfacer onto the concrete in one-foot wide strips. Step 6 Scrub the material into the concrete surface using a long handled squeegee. Step 7 Evenly spread the resurfacer back and forth onto the slab. Step 8 Apply a non-slip finish using a concrete broom after about 5 minutes.【Get Price】

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A concrete slab that has been damaged by road salts for example can be renewed quite easily with a coating of resurfacer. If you take the time to prepare properly apply the resurfacer carefully according to manufacturer instructions and allow the resurfacer plenty of time to cure you& 39;ll be rewarded with a garage floor driveway sidewalk ...【Get Price】

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If your patio driveway or other concrete slab is falling apart and losing its appeal then you need to give it a facelift. Pouring a skim coat over the surface is exactly what your concrete needs.【Get Price】

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A concrete overlay allows you to cover the drab cement surface of a porch. As with other resurfacing procedures the concrete slab needs to be sound. A stamped overlay repli es the look of natural stone brick slate or wood planks. Color can be added to the overlay to complement the colors of your home.【Get Price】

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