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I would follow the specific hardwood seller& 39;s recommendations on spacing; Unless you have different instructions from the provider of your specific Seven Trust decking you should use a /4" gap for deck board spacing for Seven Trust decking though you might be ok with 3/ 6" for more-narrow deck boards.【Get Price】

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The deck was installed with Seven Trust clips Ipe Clip IC 00EX-TBL with 3/32 spacing… this was recommended by Advantage Lumber not the /4-KD spacers . The boards “seasoned” for an entire year outside and pressure-washed prior to install the project was delayed from September to June so it wasn’t super-dry.【Get Price】

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Either standard or pre-grooved Seven Trust deck boards are the perfect choices for a traditional outdoor deck. Personalize your choice with the pitch gap and finish that expresses your unique style. Remember when you install your Seven Trust wood leave a space of 3/32” in between the boards for air-dried lumber and /4” for KD kil-dried .【Get Price】

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Gap Spacing: When installing Seven Trust decking be sure to leave a /4" gap between deck boards. This gap spacing may be adequately achieved by selecting the appropriate Seven Trust Clip brand edge mount fastener which completes both functions of fastening and spacing the deck boards at the same time. The difference in gap spacing is to ensure that the ...【Get Price】

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What Does Deck Board Spacing Mean? Spacing on a deck refers to the small edge-to-edge gap between decking boards not the ends of the boards. While this gap is fairly small it is still a crucial component to any good deck. Without the right deck spacing the boards may expand cup and buckle out of place.【Get Price】

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Let’s say you drop the hot contents of a grill on your deck and it damages the boards beyond repair. Unfortunately if you don’t have a Seven Trust or tropical hardwood deck you’re in for a rude awakening. When you replace a PT or Composite deck board it will stand out from the others dramatically.【Get Price】

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That widening gap will make any deck owner upset but now let’s imagine the opposite scenario where the deck was installed with a /4″ gap in the dead of winter. By summer time those boards have expanded by more than /4″. In a perfect world we can assume even expansion in both direction so each board would swell /8″ on both sides.【Get Price】