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Included are terms pertaining to forestry logging manufacturing marketing finance transportation construction and more. Detailed illustrations Many of the hundreds of detailed illustrations in Terms of the Trade from the first edition in 978 through the fourth edition in 2000 are by Ken Brauner 923-2008 .【Get Price】

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Wood doesn’t last forever—unless it’s infused with chemicals to preserve it. This is where pressure treating comes into play. By immersing a piece of lumber harvested wood in a liquid preservative within a pressure chamber chemicals are forced deep into the wood fibers.【Get Price】

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In fact the NHLA grading rules form the basis for much of the international hardwood lumber trade. The standard grades of hardwood lumber as defined by the NHLA in descending order of quality are FAS FAS -Face F F Selects No. Common No. 2A Common No. 2B Common Sound Wormy No. 3A Common and No. 3B Common.【Get Price】

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Common Terms: Checks: Gaps or separations along the length of a wood member crossing the annual rings. Caused by rapid shrinkage or uneven seasoning of the wood. Shake: Shakes are gaps parallel to the annual rings. Unlike checks shakes occur before the felling of the timber. Caused by uneven stresses along the trunk. Pitch: Pockets of tree ...【Get Price】

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Lumber whose ends have been imprinted with the manufacturer& 39;s name or logo and sealed with a clear or tinted wax. End Painting: Spray-painting the ends of a unit of lumber to both prevent end checking and to serve as a means of identifi ion. End Sealed: Lumber whose ends have been treated to prevent moisture from entering.【Get Price】

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Terms of the Trade. Importing lumber panel and construction products can be a little confusing. Here are a few definitions of the terms used in the trade: Actual Size: The finished size as opposed to the nominal size of a piece of lumber. Air Dried: Seasoned by exposure to the atmosphere in the open or under cover without artificial heat.【Get Price】

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Definitions for wood terms that start with the letter "S". CALL. -877-232-39 5. SHOP. ... This is used in the international lumber trade. Short Rotation Energy ...【Get Price】

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Shake – A lengthwise separation of the wood occurring before the timber is cut into lumber usually resulting from violent storms or in felling the log. Shorts – High quality lumber shorter than standard grade less than 6 feet long . Shrinkage – Decrease in the volume or dimension of wood as a direct result of the drying process. Plain ...【Get Price】