on top of concrete in a basement for subfloor building

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Install a Basement Subfloor Using Amdry Insulated Subfloors
The right subfloor insulates and reduces potential moisture issues. Several companies make subfloor panels that sit on top of your concrete floor. But many panels don’t include insulation. So the concrete floor sucks heat out of the room making it uncomfortable. AmDry subfloor panels from Amvic Building System are different.【Get Price】

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DIY and How we install a plywood subfloor over concrete in a basement We have another great video to help you in your remodel DRICORE VS OUR SYSTEM SUBFLOOR SYSTEM With cost comparisons and ...【Get Price】

Tools Required: - Drill with a hammer setting SDS drill works best - Impact gun and Phillips bit - 3/ 6" Concrete bit - Scissors - Hammer - Taping block s...【Get Price】

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How to Install a Plywood Subfloor on a Concrete Slab Hunker
Learn how to install beautiful hardwood floors over a concrete slab. Get a comprehensive breakdown on which materials to use what to take into consideration and what steps to take for four subfloor systems: Floated subfloor alternate subfloor glue-down sub-floor and the nail-down subfloor system.【Get Price】

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If you use a product like DriCore for the subfloor they even explicitly recommend you frame on top of their subfloor product. They do however recommend you screw the framing through the subfloor into the concrete with something like 3" Tapcons spaced every 4 ft through the bottom sill of the framing.【Get Price】

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Check your local building code and pay special attention to rules concerning vapor barriers span ratings subfloor thickness and floor drains. Use a digital moisture detector to measure the moisture content MC of the concrete slab.【Get Price】

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The underside of a basement subfloor tile showing the raised ribs that provide an air space between the tile and the concrete floor. Subfloor tiles started to become popular in the late 990s and they make it much easier to create moisture-resistant comfortable finished floors in basements.【Get Price】

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It "floats" or rests on top of a waterproof underlayment instead. This may be made of various materials including polyethylene plastic or styrofoam. The underlayment exists to create an air-filled gap between the concrete below and the subflooring which will help to insulate the floor and keep the room warmer.【Get Price】