how to put on plywood decking on roof

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I was planning on putting plywood over the rafters and cross the rafters with a 2"x4" every 6" to secure the metal roof to. In reading online it seems wise to install a vapor barrier over the plywood to prevent condensation from getting adsorbed into the plywood from the steel roof. But it seems the condensation will affect the 2x4" strapping.【Get Price】

How to Re deck a Roof - YouTube
Re-decking over planking that has gaps is quite common on older homes. Knowing what to do and when to do it makes the job go easier. Take a look at this video to develop some additional skills for ...【Get Price】

Fastest way to Install CDX Plywood Rancho Palos Verdes Roofing
Welcome back to Cover That Roof. I am Rob with True American Roofing Co. and I will be your host. In today episode we will install /2 CDX plywood. Then we will begin the prep work to install the ...【Get Price】

How to Apply Metal Roofing Over Plywood Hunker
Ensure that the plywood deck is strong enough to withstand the added weight of the metal panels. The plywood should be clean and free of raised nail heads to provide a uniform deck structure for the metal. Install waterproof felt over the plywood to add protection against moisture.【Get Price】

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How to install roof sheathing Pro Builder
Install baffles providing a minimum of inch of clear space between framing and/or under roof decking at eaves to ensure that ceiling or roof insulation does not block ventilation paths. For vaulted or hedral roof construction provide a free ventilation path from eaves to ridge between all rafters.【Get Price】

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