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Steel decking for pallet racks are painted in a safety orange finish that matches the color of the beams. Steel decking is easy to clean and maintain. Pallet rack solid decking is definitely a worthwhile investment and will prove to be a great addition to your racking system.【Get Price】

Corrugated Steel Pallet Rack Decking
Corrugated steel decking is stronger than wood and less expensive than both using wood and wire to make a flate surface. It provides a seamless solid support from the front all the way to the back of the rack bay for even the longest stored items. Deck panels are fabri ed using a press brake method cutting on the flat before formation.【Get Price】

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Dexion Mesh Decking functions as a shelf by resting on pallet racking beams providing an alternative to timber decking and solid steel panels. Usable for the storage of small cartons at picking levels and non standard pallets sizes mesh shelving can also provide protection for workers operating under tunnel bays.【Get Price】

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Wire decking is a popular accessory in pallet racking and has been proven to be far superior to wood decking due to its strength safety features and cleanliness. Wire decking is constructed with heavy gauge wire that is welded into wide grid deck panels.【Get Price】

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We make it with a 2- /2 inch by 4 inch 6 gauge wire mesh. It meets all fire and safety regulations. Depending on the size solid decking can hold at least 2000 lbs. Solid decking panels feature 4 gauge construction and easily drop into place to provide a solid surface. Depending on the size solid decking can hold at least 5 98 lbs.【Get Price】

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The Solid Flat-Cap is an accessory add-on for the Solid pallet rack decking no water drain holes . Solid Flat-Caps are the solution for those appli ions that require a smooth flat-surface with products that might snag or fall through other decking surfaces. Available in a variety of steel gauges and provided a durable Galvanized finish.【Get Price】

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Solid steel decking constructed of metal shelf panels simply drop into the standard -5/8" step of pallet rack step beams Smooth steel decking for pallet racks is simply the ultimate heavy duty ...【Get Price】

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The decking panels drop into place on top of your existing pallet rack beams to provide a smooth surface. One to three decking panels may be needed for each pallet rack level. By measuring your existing pallet rack beams first you can easily determine the amount of panels you will need.【Get Price】