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Polylactide PLA is biodegradable aliphatic polyester that can be produced from naturally occurring renewable resources such as corn or sugar beets. Due to its biocompatibility and ability to degradation to non-toxic products PLA can be excellent platform for the preparation of various polymeric drug delivery systems 5 .【Get Price】

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Polylactide. Polylactic acid PLA is biodegradable hydrolyzable aliphatic semicrystalline polyester produced through the direct condensation reaction of its monomer lactic acid as the oligomer and followed by a ring-opening polymerization of the cyclic lactide dimer.【Get Price】

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A sustainable polymer Polylactic acid PLA Polylactic acid or polylactide is a biodegradable and sustainable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources. The feedstock for the UIF Polycondensation Technolo-gies PLAneo process is lactic acid. PLA can be used as a substi -【Get Price】

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Aliphatic polyesters of polyglycolide PG and polylactide PL are well characterized synthetic biodegradable polymers which are clinically familiar to biomedicine and are familiar also to tissue-engineering researchers 39 . PG is highly crystalline has a high melting temperature and has low solubility in organic solvents.【Get Price】

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PLA or Polylactide also known as Polylactic Acid Lactic acid polymer is a versatile commercial biodegradable thermoplastic based on lactic acid.Lactic acid monomers can be produced from 00% renewable resources like corn and sugarbeets.【Get Price】

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CPLA - Polylactide aliphatic copolymer; Biodegradable CPLA is a mixture of lactide and aliphatic polyesters. It can be either a hard plastic similar to PS or a soft flexible one similar to PP depending on the amount of aliphatic polyester present in the mixture.【Get Price】

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Polylactic acid or polylactide PLA is a thermoplastic polyester with backbone formula C 3 H 4 O 2 n or –C CH 3 HC =O O– n formally obtained by condensation of lactic acid C CH 3 OH HCOOH with loss of water hence its name . It can also be prepared by ring-opening polymerization of lactide –C CH 3 HC =O O– 【Get Price】

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polymers is the ability to control the rate of degradation. Ideally the polymer should not degrade during functional use but degrade quite rapidly when discarded. This paper discusses various aspects associated with the control of the rate of degradation of polylactide copolymers; both from the perspective of【Get Price】