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If you regularly hose down your fence the less scrubbing you will need to do. Caring for vinyl is remarkably easy and that’s exactly why vinyl has become such a popular fence material. With vinyl you can just relax and enjoy your fence with only minimal effort.【Get Price】

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If you try the above methods and getting your vinyl fence clean still seems out of your reach feel free to contact us. At Best Vinyl Fence and Deck we have seen every situation under the sun and can usually help you find the right solution. If everything else fails and you think you need a new fence you can always contact us for a free estimate.【Get Price】

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While vinyl fencing does have a low maintenance level it does still need occasional cleaning. Mud rain splashes and even occasional mold and mildew do occur so cleaning your vinyl fence is extremely important. Once you know how to maintain your vinyl fence you’ll be able to keep it pristine with a minimum amount of effort. . Hose It ...【Get Price】

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Steps to Clean the Fence: Begin by cleaning the fence using the general cleaning method described above. Protect your hands with rubber gloves. Moisten a soft cloth with either mineral spirits or tar remover. Gently rub the stained area. Do not apply too much pressure or it will leave a polished mark.【Get Price】

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I’m thinking of getting a vinyl fence and am wondering about the upkeep. Thanks for pointing out that all you need to clean your vinyl fence is some vinegar. You also mention that you might have to increase the amount of vinegar to water when cleaning vinyl that is really dirty.【Get Price】