how to clean 2nd floor balcony

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How to clean mold off your balcony safely and without ...
If you have a balcony with mold or if you have balconies on 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th floors and you need to figure a way to clean them safely and without the use of chemicals or having to repaint ...【Get Price】

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How can I clean my balcony with no hose? Yahoo Answers
You could use a mop and a bucket w/ wringer kinda a mop set and of course water and liquid cleaner in the bucket to clean your balcony.. Then rinse the soapy bucket and change it w/ water then mop it on the balcony to take the soap off the floor of the balcony.【Get Price】

Safely Cleaning High Places - How to Power Wash a Second Story
SAFELY CLEANING HIGH PLACES: How to Power Wash a Second Story. Learn how to pressure wash your second story and your siding easily using special pressure washer accessories. Our experts show you how to use the proper tools and equipment such as a pressure washer a turbo nozzle and an extension wand to help you to clean these places thoroughly and safely.【Get Price】

What& 39;s the best way to sweep off a 2nd floor deck without ...
X-posted on r/realestate. We rent a 2nd floor condo. The deck is made of wood so there& 39;s gaps all along the length of it. I& 39;ve only tried sweeping it once before; the st unit& 39;s bf was outside at the time did not notice him at all and reacted by looking up at our deck and me but didn& 39;t say anything.【Get Price】

Need help cleaning a second floor balcony
Hi I live in a second floor condo with a balcony. The balcony floors are made of some type of rough material impossible to sweep or mop. There is no way I can use a water hose without disturbing wetting our downstairs neighbor. Is there an a portable pressure cleaner that suctions the water at ...【Get Price】

6 Tips For Easy Balcony and Terrace Cleaning
If you are concerned about water dripping over your balcony roll up towels and place them around the perimeter of the space. 4. Rinse out cleaning products After sterilizing clean with a soapy liquid cleaner to remove extra grease and grime. Then clean once more with plain water to remove any soap residue. Use old towels to dry the surface. 5.【Get Price】

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