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wireless fence tester to check fence for a good charge. It includes enough fence to put around an apiary with 5-6 hives. Call if you have any questions about fence sizes or charger types and Shipping Charges 603-429-0808【Get Price】

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If you know there are bears or other pests in your area setting up an electric fence can save you the heartbreak and cost of replacing bees and equipment. We are happy to offer a selection of fencing equipment depending on the lo ion of your hive and number of hives you need to protect. These are the units we use and recommend.【Get Price】

Using Electric Fences for Bears to Protect Your Bees.
Electric Bear Fence Requires Investment and Maintenance. Beekeeping is not an inexpensive endeavor. Spending a few hundred dollars on an electric bear fence may seem unnecessary. Until that is. You awake to destroyed hives. How much is a beehive and bees worth? An investment in a fence usually lasts several years with little repair.【Get Price】

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How often will the fence be moved? Daily or weekly. For fast-paced rotational grazing set-ups or for other situations whereby you need to frequently move the fence temporary fences are the best choice. Once per season. Choose a semi-permanent fence when you don’t need to move it as often. Semi-permanent netting resists sag and can better ...【Get Price】

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The Best Bear Fence for your Beehives Imagine a fence designed specifically for the purpose of protecting your beehives from bears it’s easy to set up and even faster to take down. Well there is a magic fence and I use it to protect all of my apiaries. It’s called the Bear QuikFence 2/35/ 2 by Premier .【Get Price】

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Choose a fence length that will surround your bee yard with ample room to walk around and work around the hives. We recommend at least 4 feet between the fence line and your hives. Fence Energizer Fencer : Choose between a 20 V plug in fencer which can also be powered by a 2 V source if desired a solar/battery powered fencer and a 2 V ...【Get Price】

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Elephants and Bees Beehive Fence
The Beehive Fences are simple and cheap made with no cement and using only locally sourced materials. Hives or dummy hives are hung every ten meters and linked together in a specific formation so that should an elephant touch one of the hives or interconnecting wire the beehives all along the fence line will swing and release the bees.【Get Price】

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